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professional display image calibration matching

Why Calibrate a Display?
There are many factors that degrade the big screen viewing experience and influence how the big screen display looks and performs. Here are some examples.

  • Factory display settings are established by marketing experts to attract buyers. These settings degrade the picture, shorten the display life and waste energy. Furthermore, improper settings can lead to viewing fatigue.
  • The viewing environment greatly impacts the big screen viewing experience. Room lighting influences how our eyes perceive picture contrast and colors.
  • Component aging within the display causes degradation in light output and often shifts color background or grayscale.

Display Calibration analyzes and treats these issues to bring out the BEST video images the display can offer. Professional Display Calibration delivers the following benefits to your customers.

  • Provides a sharper, more focused, film-like picture
  • Brings out more visible detail in the darkest or lightest parts of the picture
  • Improves color accuracy for a lifelike color reproduction (flesh tones, grass, sky, and sports jerseys)
  • Optimizes the display settings for room lighting and to reduce eye fatigue
  • Extends the display's useable life (up to 2x longer than factory settings)
  • Reduces energy consumption by an average of 10-20%. (Go Green)
  • For multi screen display systems, color matching and calibrations are a must. Each display will be professionally matched to produce the same high quality image.

Why JP Lilley?

JP Lilley's technicians are ISF certified which means they have had hands-on training on more than a dozen different types of displays including, LCD and Plasma panels, DLP and LCD projectors (with and without an anamorphic lens), various high end video processors, and multiple high end Blu-Ray, HD DVD and SD DVD players.