Anchor AN1000 / 50W / AC

The AN-1000X powered monitor offers big sound to go with a big picture. It's a powerful partner for movie and video projectors, as well as video walls and monitors, computers and multimedia setups.

It has inputs to accommodate all of them and a shielded-magnet speaker to prevent interference on video screens. But the AN-1000X is not only powerful, it's accurate. Response from 80Hz-20kHz makes the AN-1000X a popular monitor for sound studios and broadcast facilities. It even sees duty as a portable PA system handling crowds of up to 300. It has a rugged 50-watt MOSFET amplifier and a matched two-way speaker system with ferrofluid-cooled dome tweeter, all packed in a ported enclosure that's tuned for bass punch. The 1000X easily drives a companion speaker, too, like our AN-1001X. Weight is 9.5 pounds, dinensions 5.25"x8.4"x9"