Anchor Liberty / 75/50W / AC/DC

Liberty Sound System The sound system designed to do one thing well: Everything


  • Project/Music Switch. "Project" emphasizes voice for better clarity, "Music" gives higher fidelity.

  • Switchable to either an efficient voice-projecting system or a full-range music quality system.

  • Handles crowds of 1,000 or more.

  • Accommodates multiple mics, plus CD/Tape input.

  • 50 watt amplifier

  • Two XLR balanced phantom-powered mic inputs, 1/4" line input, line output, treble and bass controls.

  • 12 volt DC output and 1/4" speaker output.


Dimensions:  13x22.5x10" (WxHxD)             
Weight: Approximately 44 lbs