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Lease for Peace!! Leasing Your Video Conferencing System

Leasing Your Video Conferencing Systems

Lease for Peace!! Leasing Your Video Conferencing System

Peace of mind that is. So many times in my career I have seen customers compromise the quality and the functionality of their meeting space audio visual systems because they never really expected the systems to cost what the proposal listed.   You have a choice that can salvage your plans! CONSIDER LEASING! Get what you need today and lease it!!!

Here is something to consider:

You get a proposal for the boardroom videoconferencing system and the proposal for $95,000.00. If you lease this for 48 months, you are paying $2,400.00 per month and at the end of the lease you can upgrade and renew the lease for brand new equipment or pay $1.00 and you own it.

Start thinking about leasing the spaces with systems that you need to enhance your meetings.  

Let JP Lilley, Inc., who is a leader in Central Pennsylvania, be your partner and bring you the technology solutions that you need today. Don’t compromise!

Here are just some of your options:

  • Lease your boardroom video conferencing system
  • Lease your company’s training room presentation systems
  • Lease the digital signage
  • Lease the company’s team collaboration
Make the Quick Meeting, Conference Call, Web Strea...
Think Lease! Spend Smart!

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