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Think Lease! Spend Smart!


Think Lease!   Spend Smart!


Are you protesting technology change?

Ask.com states that “Technology typically is very fast in terms of what we are aware of. An example would be computers which are outdated fairly quickly. Most experts say overall advancement occurs on average between 15 and 18 months though.”

A lot of people I call on tell me that they try to get up to 5 years or more out of their meeting space technology. Are you doing the math? So what they are telling me is that they are comfortable using outdated equipment to present their companies and communicate with their clients.

Don’t let this be you. Think about leasing your next meeting space technology.

JP Lilley has built a trusted and solid reputation for providing high quality audio, video and videoconferencing solutions to the business community and have backed that up with solid support and service. Let us help you get your meeting space needs up to date today.

Lease for Peace!! Leasing Your Video Conferencing ...
Don't Buy From Me! Lease It!!

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