Martin M-Touch Lighting Controller

Truly affordable lighting console surface for both smaller applications and professional use

Martin M-Touch is a powerful yet simple control surface for the Martin M-Series controllers, the most affordable professional lighting solutions on the market. Fully compatible with all M-Series consoles and M-PC software, Martin M-Touch is a  plug-and-play solution with an  innovative control surface like no other lighting console.
14 touch faders allow control of playbacks and fixture parameters while 20 velocity-controlled pads allow for new types of effects. Additional programming buttons such as Record, Edit, Update, Load and Clear are accessible directly from the M-Touch control panel. Martin M-Touch comes with one DMX 512 Universe for direct control of any compatible DMX device.

Control/User Interface Bank Navigation Up/Down with numerical display Main Go section: Snap, Release, Pause and Go buttons Command Buttons: Record, Edit, Update, Load, Clear Multifunction Mode Select button Fixture Selection buttons: Last, Next, Highlight 4 x Parameter Select buttons 4 x Parameter Adjust touch faders 10 x Function velocity pads
Playback 10 x Playback touch faders with 3 buttons (2 x touch pad, 1 x velocity pad)