Truss Wrap Screen 10 Feet High by 22 Feet Wide
JP Lilley

Truss Wrap Projection screens mount over the top of our existing 12 inch box truss frame. Finished size is 10 feet High by 22 Feet Wide

TWPS Blue 03 2017

Truss wrap projection screens work in conjunction with our existing box truss frames. Our stretch fabric offers the best material for projection, regardless of whether it’s front or rear projection. This stretch fabric, or tension fabric as it is also referred to, is inherently flame retardant (IFR) and is engineered for durability, safety and high performance stretch. Our fabric is 90% polyester and 10% spandex and stain resistant. This fabric is also machine washable and will hold all certifications through several washes.

  • Achieve large, flawless wrinkle free surfaces
  • Stretch fabric is easy to handle and install
  • Best projection material for front or rear projection

Perfect Look

  • Flush front mount with a full fabric wrap all the way around the back.

  • Create perfect, wrinkle free surface to project on to

  • Pick points secure stretch fabric to your truss

  • Fabric folds up small and lightweight, allowing for easy transportation