Shade Structures
JP Lilley

When planning for an outdoor event, Shade Structures are one of the most popular and eye-catching ways to elevate your event design. Whether creating a colorful structure for a major music festival or a classy shaded area for your next corporate gathering, our Shade Structures have you covered.

ShadeStructure HardFest A 1 2020

Our distinct structure has been carefully patterned and designed with function, aesthetics and ease of install in mind. It is conveniently designed to mount onto standard box truss systems making it safe and quick to install.

Temporary Shade Structures are an excellent way to enhance your music festival, corporate gathering, product launch event or any gathering you can think up that needs a pop of color and of course, shade! Our Shade Structure will create a space of gathering that will no doubt be the topic of conversation at your event.

Lighting and Projection

Standing out at any event is valuable, especially in large venues or locations where the visual competition is fierce. Color washes, gobos, and organic projections can further enhance your Shade Structure with the use of dynamic and continually changing lighting effects


Don’t forget to print your event’s brand! Think of each piece of stretch fabric in your Shade Structure as a branding opportunity.

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* Please allow 3-10 business days for custom printing, colors and shapes. Contact our event designers to learn more about this product and potential options.

Additional shade structure ideas...

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