CD Recorder

The Marantz CDR310 makes all-inclusive CD recording technology available in a clever portable format. The CDR310 offers hours of one-touch recording in uncompressed and MP3 formats, and provides a long list professionally requested features including optional battery operation for up to four hours.

Whether for documentation, duplication, or archiving, audio CDs promote confidence through their permanence and universality. While digital recording and CD burning have been commonplace for several years, existing hardware has lacked the go-anywhere flexibility and ease of use that users have come to expect in the digital age. The Marantz CDR310 has changed all that. Highlights Digital hard disc recording in a variety of formats Instant CD burning Convenience and portability with one-touch record operation Flexible record modes – Pre-Record, Background Record, Silent Skip, Adjustable Auto Track Professional hardware from input to output

Record from built-in mic or phantom-powered XLR inputs
The CDR310 is capable of handling whatever you throw at it, with built-in microphone preamps with XLR connectors and 48V phantom power for use with external condenser microphones. It has a built-in high-quality microphone for maximum convenience and portability, and the ability to record for hours. From there, you can finish the final project to the built-in CD-R/-RW burner — and you can accomplish all this all within one lightweight, compact unit. The burner can create both audio discs, for instant playback on any CD player, or data discs for transfer to a computer or for archiving purposes. 

Up to four hours of battery-powered remote recording
Using the optional RB1651 battery allows for up to four hours of remote operation without an external power supply, while support for both uncompressed audio and MP3 file formats provides flexibility and long record times. 

Never miss capturing a critical moment!
The CDR310 incorporates several groundbreaking features that guarantee you can capture "lightning in a bottle" every time. For example, the Background Record Mode enables recording to always be active, as an ongoing backup, even when the CDR310 is in Pause Mode. Recording can also be active in Pre-Record Mode for up to 10 seconds with the recorder stopped. This ensures that the CDR310 never misses capturing a critical audio event. Easy One-Touch recording makes operation simple, even under challenging circumstances. Analog line-level inputs and outputs and S/PDIF-format digital inputs and outputs allow connection to a wide range of professional audio equipment.

Specification Detail
Playback Deck(s) 1 x CD
Record Deck(s) 1 x CD
Supported Formats CD-DA, WAV, MP3, or AIFF
Inputs 2 x XLR, 1 x S/PDIF (Coax), 2 x RCA
Outputs 1 x S/PDIF (Coax), 2 x RCA
Headphones 1 x 1/4"
Computer Connectivity No Computer Connectivity
Other I/O No Other I/O
Form Desktop
Rackmount Spaces Not Rackmountable
Height 2.4"
Depth 7.2"
Width 9.7"
Weight 2 lbs. 14 oz.
Manufacturer Part Number CDR310