Homegear Portable/Collapsible Pull Up Green Screen Background 5ft x 6ft
JP Lilley

INSTANT GREEN SCREEN - Professional quality green screen for premium videos – from storage to filming in just a few seconds

The Homegear Portable Pull Up Green Screen allows you to have a professional quality backdrop without having to install a full permanent green screen.

  • Material of screen: Non-woven fabrics
  • Light-absorbing matte texture
  • Aluminum hard case
  • Ultra-quick deployment
  • Lift and let the pneumatic x-frame automatically lock the screen in place
  • Auto-locking frame
  • For camera chroma keying
  • Overall dimensions: 5ft x 1.3ft x 6.5ft
  • Case dimensions: 5ft x 0.4ft x 0.3ft
  • Screen size: 5ft x 6ft
  • Max. height of screen: 6.5ft
  • Weight: 19lbs