AJA KUMO 1616 3G-SDI Fly Pack

AJA 16x16 3G-SDI Fly Pack with Control Panel and HD Monitor


  • AJA KUMO 1616 Compact 16x16 3G-SDI Router
  • AJA KUMO CP2 Control Panel
  • DATAVIDEO TLM-170LM 17.3 inch 3G-SDI Full HD LCD Pull Out Monitor
  • Decimator DMON-QUAD 4 Channel Quad Multiviewer
  • Wattbox Power Surge Strip with Dual LED Work Lights
  • Wireless network AP for remote access and IP assigments
  • Roll around case ready to hookup, turn on and show ready!

About The AJA KUMO 1616

For medium sized facilities and mobile trucks, KUMO 1616 with 16x 3G-SDI inputs and 16x 3G-SDI outputs is just the right size for combining multiple cameras, monitors, editing systems, tape decks and file based recorders into a seamless workflow.

The super-compact 1RU format is just a few inches deep, making them a perfect fit for any broadcast, production, or postproduction environment, from mobile sports trucks and edit suites, through to corporate video installations or live theatrical A/V rigs.

Salvo Simplicity

New Salvos support simplifies switching operations by recalling multiple sources to specific destinations. Salvos are stored in a KUMO router and can be recalled via the KUMO router’s Web UI, GVG Native Protocol over Ethernet, RS-232, and/or the AJA KUMO CP2 Salvos buttons.

Eight Salvos can be configured and stored in each KUMO router. Salvos allow the operator to quickly recall predefined sources to specific destinations configurations with a simple button press.

Broadcast Standard Reliability

Designed for critical broadcast, production and post environments, KUMO routers are built to AJA standards that exceed SMPTE specifications. The use of premium components coupled with dual redundant power supplies ensures the highest signal quality and maximum uptime even in the unexpected event of a power supply failure.


Outputs 12 through 15 from the AJA 1616 are wired to inputs 1 through 4 of the DMON-QUAD and the output is wired to input 16 of the AJA 1616 router.


  • 4 x 3G-SDI Inputs / Up to 1080p60 Video
  • 1-4 Channel Multiviewer / Multiplexer
  • HDMI and SDI Outputs
  • Mix Video Formats / Aspect Ratios
  • 8-Channel Audio Metering
  • Custom Layouts and Overlay Positioning
  • UMD and Tallies via RS-422/485
  • Frame Buffer for Unsynchronized Sources



  • Main applied in the Mobile system
  • 1920x1080P Panel resolution
  • Support 3G-SDI video input with loop-through output
  • Support two HDMI inputs
  • 1 Unit Space
  • Foldable Rackmount Tray Unit
  • Individual adjustments of Brightness, Contrast, Color Saturation and LED Backlight Level for each monitor
  • Monitor Underscan and Overscan mode selection
  • Color temperature for user to select
  • Front panel Headphone Jacks
  • Bi-colour Tally light and 3.5mm Jack Tally input socket
  • Safe area
  • Blue Only
  • Support embedded audio on SDI & HDMI (ver1.3)