Teradek Bond II w/ 2 LTE Nodes Mobile Streaming Kit

Teradek Bond II SDI Cellular Bonding Streaming Solution with Two Teradek Node LTE Modems, Two Core SWX HyperCore 98 Gold Mount Batteries and Charger.


Bond II

The Bond II SDI Cellular Bonding Solution with MPEG-TS from Teradek combines the functionality of two products, the Teradek Cube and Teradek Bond, into one dedicated device for encoding video and transmitting from remote locations using up to six available cellular modems. Although the Bond II incorporates the Cube encoder, it only works with the cellular modem and cannot be used as a standard Cube encoder. However, it does have the advantage of being smaller, and requiring fewer cables, than using a Cube encoder and Bond combination to transmit your video via cellular modem.
The Bond II supports standard video formats up to 1080p30 via its SDI input. It then encodes the video signal to H.264 using its built-in encoder, then transmits the file using attached cellular modems to be recombined by the Sputnik server and decoder. You can connect up to six USB Cellular modems or USB to Ethernet adapters, which allow you to transmit over several different network interfaces, including 3G/4G LTE, WiFi, BGAN, and Ethernet. The WiFi is built into the Bond II unit, allowing you to connect select iOS/Android devices for local monitoring.
A built-in OLED display allows you to access and adjust settings, and the Bond II features a headphone output which allows one-way audio communication from the studio to the camera operator in the field. The unit accepts DC power from 6 to 28 volts, so it is ready for field and location work.

Integrated Single Unit

The Bond II is a combination of a Cube encoder and Bond cellular transmitting solution. It supports video signals up to 1080p30, over SDI. The unit encodes and distributes the encoded file to up to six available modems for transmission.

Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming

Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming technology constantly adjusts the video bit rate in real time to adapt to varying network conditions.

Adaptive Frame Rate Streamrate

Bond II's Adaptive Frame Rate Streaming feature was designed to ensure that your live video reaches its destination at any cost. If cellular service at your location suddenly drops to levels that are too slow to transmit an HD-quality video, the AFRS feature will begin to drop the frame rate until your content reaches its destination intact.

NODES - 2 Verizon LTE Activated

The Node Cellular 4G LTE 4-Pin Modem from Teradek allows you to broadcast over 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE network interfaces. With a rugged aluminum chassis and locking 4-pin connector, it is durable and operates under challenging conditions. The modem comes with a 34" 4-pin to 4-pin locking cable for Teradek Node modem.

Better Cellular Connection

Node allows you to go live from locations with the poor cellular connectivity

Data Band Support

Node can operate on every 3G / 4G/ LTE data band in the region

2 Core SWX HyperCore 98 Gold Mount Batteries

The Core SWX HyperCore 98 Gold Mount Battery is a 98Wh Lithium-Ion battery featuring high density cells designed to handle high power draws. Supporting more amperage per cell, the cells can withstand up to a 10A draw for extended periods without diminishing service life. Overall service life is rated at 1000 charge/discharge cycles. Runtime is projected at 3.5 hours at 25W. Safety sensors are built in that detect over/under voltage, over/under current, and above-normal temperature.

The HyperCore 98 is compatible with Anton/Bauer Lithium-Ion chargers. An Intellicom backlit LCD and a 4-LED gauge provide operating runtime in hours and minutes, remaining capacity as a bar grid and percentage, and remaining charge time. An on-board fuel computer samples capacity and charge or discharge load and re-computes and refreshes the LCD display every five seconds. A D-tap port and USB port are available on the side for powering accessories and charging various devices. The outer jacket is made of comfortable-to-hold, non-slip rubber. This battery pack will charge on all Core SWX chargers.

Bandwidth Data

Bandwidth Data is billed separately at $30/GB. (Expect approx 6GB / hour of broadcast for maximum reliability).