Road Ready HD P2.9 Indoor LED Video Wall

Road Ready P2.9 Fine Pitch Indoor LED Video Wall cable free design for rental and staging events.

Road Ready R2

The Areas First Fine Pitch HD LED Video Wall

Built specifically to withstand the rugged demands of the touring and rental industry, the Road Ready R2 P2.9 is our ultra high resolution HD rental panel of choice, offering amazing performance and the latest high-tech design advancements to allow for quick install and tear down.

Create video walls of any size using stackable high-definition LED panels! Need to elicit a "WOW", our panels have the flexibility and scale to make big things happen. We bring new ideas to make your meetings and events even more engaging.

Typical Applications Include

  • Vertical Banners
  • Stage Backdrops
  • Multi-Display
  • Large Format Display
  • Digital Signage
  • Branding
  • Advertsing
  • Product Release
  • Theatrical
  • Commencements


Modular cables free design, plug-and-play power supply

The 3-in-1 integrated back of power supply, receiving card and hub board makes replacement a simple plug and play.

Innovation design-cableless connector      

Road Ready series is the fastest industry-wide in terms of installation and dismantle, featuring a 50% less time than industry average with its patented connector design.

Fast Module Replacement

With its magnetic front design, modules can be taken out by a  simple  push.

Multifunctional connecting piece, fast, simple and convenient

Intelligent connecting piece integrates many functions together, such as connection and fine adjustment of gaps, all for the convenience of customers.